Dinner Show Magician

Corporate Magician Daniel Chan

Dan is the founder and visionary of Bay Area Dinner Show. Dan's business administration degree from UC Riverside and corporate experience at PayPal has been leveraged to create partnerships with destination management companies, entertainers, venues and restaurants. As a graduate of both San Francisco's Circus Center, and the Chavez Course in Magic Dan has a vast network of entertainers. He has acted as consultant on many projects and events. Dan and his team specialize in creating award winning routines and elegant magic. Their presentations are tailored for sophisticated audiences and their shows have been enjoyed by distinguished corporate clients including Google, Intel, Oracle, IBM, Yahoo, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Citibank and Wells Fargo. Prior to his career as a magician, Dan was an early employee at PayPal, a leading online payment service that has revolutionized the way people do business. Experience counts, with over 5000 live performances and multiple television appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, AFN and MTV, Dan Chan Presents has been the only logical choice for 187 billionaires, media moguls, and socialites convening in Sun Valley Idaho for Allen and Company's annual gathering. Dan's original and unique pick pocketing presentations and Bian Lian has garnered performances in Las Vegas, Japan, Mexico, Washington D.C., and the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Dan has been awarded by his peers the title of San Jose Magician of the Year, Oakland Magician of the Year, and Bay Area Magician of the Year. Dan is committed to his Christian faith and believes in blessing people through his performances. For private booking please check out DanChanMagic.com or World Class Magicians

Balloon Artist

Balloon Artist Katherine Chan

Katherine Chan is a talented assistant capable of the rapid costume changes, and juggles both in the show and the busy production schedule. Besides being the leading assistant, Katherine is one of the worlds most accomplished and in demand balloon twisters in the world. Her larger balloon sculptures require 5-30 hours to complete and have been feature in corporate events, parade floats, and even the Nelson Atkin Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ventriloquist and Comedian Mike Toy

Party Magician Mike Toy

Mike Toy is a comedic genius like you've never seen before. Born and raised in San Francisco, he takes comedy to a whole new level. Mike is known to playfully poke fun at unsuspecting audience members so beware! His ability to both amaze and humor audiences makes him one of the most sought after entertainers around. For private booking please check out MikeToyMagic.com or Goofballmagic.com.

Chinese Magician

Magician Alex Wu

Alex Wu is an award winning magician specializing in shadowgraphy, CD and card manipulation. Originally from Hong Kong, Alex displayed a tremendous knack for technical "knuckle busting" sleight of hand, having created many original routines. His ability to perform complicated sleights with amazing ease and simplicity has been enjoyed by countless audiences. For private booking please click here Alex Wu.